Episode 2: Bobby Mackey’s Music World & Stull Cemetery

Our second episode released on HALLOWEEN so we had to get real spooky. We each chose locations that have been deemed “Portals to Hell” — Gray talking about Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder, Kentucky, and Justine talking about Stull Cemetery in Stull, Kansas.


Bobby Mackey’s Music World has had several incarnations: first as a slaughterhouse (always a good start, right?), then as a roadhouse, and now as a nightclub/gateway to hell (it’s most interesting, by far). It is supposedly the site of several deaths and, well, I would not want to go near the well that is said to be the portal to the devil himself.


Stull Cemetery doesn’t seem like much — an itty bitty cemetery in the middle of a lightly populated town — but there are rumors about it dating back to the 1950’s concerning the devil bearing a child with a witch, a werewolf-like boy creeping behind trees, a particularly fascinating stone church, and possibly two times a year when the devil dances around with those who have recently died violent deaths. Cool, right?


Give episode 2 a listen to see why Bobby Mackey’s Music World is fascinating enough to have attracted the crew of Ghost Adventures to investigate, and whether Stull Cemetery does indeed have a stairway to hell…

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