Episode 5: The Hinterkaifeck Murders & Elisa Lam

Episode 5 is all about UNSOLVED DEATHS. I mean, I’m inclined to say UNSOLVED MURDERS but Elisa Lam’s death was never officially concluded to be anything but bizarre, so… I guess you’ll have to make your own decision.

Justine starts off by telling us about the Hinterkaifeck murders, where a family of 5 and their maid were all slaughtered at their rural farmhouse in Bavaria, Germany.


It’s one of those stories where it’s obvious that they were murdered — they didn’t kill themselves with a mattock, that’s for sure — but the possibilities of WHO could have done it are dizzying, and the reports of there being ghostly activity in the house just makes it even more confusing.

Gray tells us about Elisa Lam, a college student who was on a solo trip to Los Angeles when she was found dead in one of the Cecil Hotel’s rooftop water tanks. (Really makes you think twice about drinking hotel tap water, doesn’t it?)


There are SO MANY bizarre details that make this case impossible to solve, but I challenge you to listen and come to your own theory (and then tell us about it!).

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