Episode 34: The Warminster Thing

In episode 34 we discuss a flap of UFO sightings in Warminster — a sleepy town in Wiltshire, England — that earned the area the notorious nickname of “The Roswell of the UK”. This was technically our Christmas episode — released on Christmas Day 2019! — since the most prominent bunch of sightings started on Christmas Day in 1965!

warminster thing ufo mural in warminster, wiltshire, england

The mural that we mention that is in Warminster, done by a mysterious unknown artist.

With Warminster being a mere 15 miles from Stonehenge, some might expect odd things to take place there. And so they did. Focused mostly between 1965 and 1977, townspeople saw — and heard — strange things they could only credit to creatures not of this world.

ufo photo of warminster thing by gordon faulkner

The photograph taken by Gordon Faulkner, supposedly showing a UFO he spotted.

The area actually still has some unexplainable things happening to this very day, one of the most memorable being an unusual light caught on video in 2017.

Is this area being on a ley line a contributing factor to the high number of bizarre sightings? Was the whole thing a hoax continued on by mass hysteria? Was the government — or the military — doing experiments with newly created aircraft? Give episode 34 a listen to hear our theories!

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