Episode 6: Route 2A & The Haynesville Woods

In episode 6 we finally dive in to some Maine spookiness with Route 2A & The Haynesville Woods.

Skagrock Road off U.S. 2A in Haynesville

I mean that just LOOKS haunted, right?

Haynesville is a small town in Aroostook County, over 200 miles northeast of the more bustling Portland. The road through Haynesville Woods, Route 2A, was the subject of a 1965 Dick Curless song called “Tombstone Every Mile”, in reference to the high number of truckers who have died along the stretch of it.


So it comes as no surprise that this area would be ripe for ghost stories. A woman in white, a young girl, a ghostly biker… listen to episode 6, a rare solo Justine episode, to hear a bit more about this spooky stretch of highway.

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