Episode 7: Spring-Heeled Jack & The Count of St. Germain

In episode 7 of Unknowable we tell each other about, well, two pretty strange dudes…


Justine talks about Spring-Heeled Jack, maybe more of an entity than truly a man, who terrorized the London area and beyond in the 1800s. He was described by some as having glowing red eyes and seemingly metallic claws, and by others as “the very image of the Devil himself, with horns and eyes of flame”. Was this a creature from another planet? A particularly violent spirit? An unusually presenting cryptid? And, above all, what did he WANT?


Gray talks about The Count of St. Germain, who seems to span time in a way that suggests immortality. He was known by many of the most famous figures of European history… were they simply misremembering or falling for a hoax, or did this man figure out the secret to living forever? Check out episode 7 to hear more about these total weirdos.

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